Valley Voices welcomes invited guests. Questions? Just ask or browse our Questions page.
If you would like to attend and are not the guest of a member please contact us here.



7:00am - 7:30am
Open networking

7:30am - 09:00am
Breakfast Meeting

Quamichan Inn
1478 Maple Bay Rd
Duncan BC



Valley Voices is one of Vancouver Island's fastest growing BNI chapters and our success rests solidly on the dedication of a membership willing to contribute.  We welcome and encourage participation. 

Valley Voices provides its members with an excellent business support network, opportunities to educate members of the community about their services, and quality referrals that lead to increased business. A lot of business is completed here on a weekly basis and many important relationships are formed.

If you are in business and wish to grow your business then there is no more effective way than to use the power of Word Of Mouth Marketing. BNI Valley Voices harnesses this power and helps members to grow and develop their businesses.

Valley Voices welcomes invited guests. If you would like to attend and are not the guest of a member please contact us here.


Please reserve the announcements time at the end of the meeting to community and other non-business related items. Announcements about your own business should be restricted to your 45 second infomercials.

Thank you to everyone for observing the 45 seconds for your infomercials, being respectful of efforts to keep the meeting moving along, and of the presenters at the end of the morning.

A reminder to all mentors and new members that new members are given a 2-minute infomercial after their first mentorship meeting.

It is great to see the BBI numbers going up again. Keep it up! You get more value from your BNI membership when you make that investment in one-on-one meetings.